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We regularly ask our business partners how we can improve our products and service, and their feedback and insight help drive our business—from the solutions we provide, to the investments we make in technology and people. In survey after survey, our clients continually give us high marks for customer satisfaction, including:

Venkat Raghavendar

Project Manager, CONSILIUM

``ASKGRP has successfully completed the work in accordance with the contractual conditions, specifications and schedule``

During the Execution of their works, M/s ASKGRP team has show a satisfactory degree of proper Planning, Coordination, Safety and Quality Workmanship. The team is composed of highly dedicated Engineers and Workers and a transparent professional Management Team which greatly paved the way to the project’s successful completion without causing any fatal delays to our Client. It was really pleasure working with them.

We look forward to working with the ASKGRP team once again.

We certify their professional credibility and utmost dedication.

Jigar Raj


`` ASKGRP is a great company that strives hard to maintain high standards of quality, performance, product knowledge and communication.``

Sandip Amrutiya


``The commitment and focus of ASKGRP managers and engineers was excellent, and surpassed our expectations``
We have been using the services provided by ASKGRP within past 2 years. We have outsourced some important engineering work to ASKGRP and have seen good results, specifically in Automation and Engineering. The commitment and focus on meeting our expectations by ASKGRP managers and engineers were excellent. We consider using ASKGRP as a vendor in the future.

Hitesh Ramoliya


``From the beginning, ASKGRP has been a good partner to work with. They have committed the resources, the time and the talent to make the relationship a win-win. They have been committed to serving our needs and to improving the quality and scope of their expertise``