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ASKGRP is a specialist in Project Management Construction of Terminal Automation System

Terminal Automation Systems find applications primarily in Trucks /Wagon fuel loading. Fuels include Motor Spirit (MS), Diesel, Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Chemicals.

Terminal Automation System Facilities , Safety PLC, Process PLC, SCADA , Terminal Server, IRP panels, Instruments Installation and Testing of Mass flow meter, Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, Density meter, RTD, AOPS, MST, RADAR GAUGE, ROSOV, DBBV, MOV, AC/DC UPS, fire-fighting system (HVLR), Tank Farm Management System and TLF Gantry Automation System

The major Systems of a typical terminal automation system include following:

  • Tank Farm Management System:

Tank Farm Management System manages the product stored in large tanks and constantly monitors the product level in each tank. It also monitors other important information like density and temperature. Components of a tank farm management system include primary and secondary radar gauges, temperature sensors, Automatic Overfill Prevention System, tank side monitor, tank side indicators, water bottom sensors, ROSOV, DBBV, communication interface units and tank farm software.

  • Gantry Automation System:

The Gantry automation System forms the major part of the Terminal Automation system. It is mainly about transfer and control of the flow of the products. It mainly comprises of the following instruments, Batch Controller Unit, Proximity Card reader, Overspill prevention device, Static charge grounding device, Loading Arm, Loading arm position detection device cum, arm interlock, Strainer, Air eliminator, PD meter, , Digital Control valve, Pulse transmitter, Densitometer, Temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter and other field devices.